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Urad Dal - Black Gram - Vigna Mungo

Importance of Black gram:

  • It is one of the important pulse crop grown throughout India.
  • Generally it is consumed in the form of ‘Dal’.
  • It is the chief constituent of ‘papad, idly and dosa’
  • For milch cattle, it is used as nutritive fodder.
  • It is also used as green manuring crop.
  • It controls soil erosion and compete with weeds effectively due to its deep root system and foliage cover. 
  • It contains protein (25%), carbohydrates (60%), fat (1.3%) and rich in phosphoric acid
  • It accounts 13 % total pulses area and 10 % total pulses production in India. 
  • It fixes atmospheric nitrogen into soil and improve the soil fertility.
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Urad - Black Gram

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