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Chino - Kalingada-Bij - watermelon seeds

The Watermelon Seeds we make available are processed in hygienic conditions using advanced machines. We ensure that the Seeds reach the buyers in excellent quality packaging options. Owing to our brilliant logistics network, we are capable of delivering bulk orders of these within the promised timeframe. One can obtain these at reasonable rates from us.

A myth often told to children is an eaten watermelon seed (or seed from any other fruit) will grow into a watermelon inside the child's stomach. While most people in Western societies think only of eating the watermelon's flesh, the entire watermelon can be consumed, including flesh, seeds and rind. Additionally, the seeds have nutritional value.

The size of a seed is a good indication of its optimum sowing depth. When seed is sown too deep, most of the reserves in the endosperm will be used for germination and radicle growth, leaving very little for further development. A good rule of thumb is to sow at a depth of four times the seed width.

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Chino - Kalingada-Bij - watermelon seeds
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