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Jowar, Sorghum Seeds

Sorghum  is one of the food grains, which is widely used across the globe for human consumption and as a feed grain as well as fodder for livestock. Sorghum is grown in the warm regions that include Asian and African countries.

Variety :

  • Yellow sorghum
  • Milky white sorghum
  • Pearl white sorghum

Specifications :

  • Botanical name –  Sorghum vulgare and the other grasses in the genus sorghum
  • Common name –  Sorghum, Jowar, Millet, Jwari
  • Machine cleaned grains.
  • Packing –  100 kg jute or pp bags.
  • Moisture –  max. 12%
  • Minimum order quantity –  1x20’ fcl = 24 Mt.
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Jowar, sorghum seeds
  • Cultivation Period:
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  • Ideal Climate:
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  • Major Growing Region:
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