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Asalio - Lepidium Sativum

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Asalio - Lepidium Sativum

Description :

An erect, annual herb grows up to 50 cm height. Leaves variously lobed, entire, leaves in lower part are petiolate, and upper sessile; flowers white small and found in recemes. Fruits obovate pods, about 5 mm long, with two seeds per pods.


  • Scientific Name: Lepidium Sativum
  • Common Name(s): gardencress pepperweed
  • Botanical Name : Lepidium Sativum
  • Family Name : Cruciferae
  • Common Name : Garden Cress, Pepper Grass
  • Sanskrit Name :Chandrasoora, Chandrika, Vasapushpa,
  • English Name: Garden cress, Common cress
  • Hindi Name : Chanasura, Halima,Akalam, Candsur, Chansar
  • Malayalam Name : Aasali

Medicinal Uses :

  • Plant : In asthma, cough and bleeding piles
  • Root : In secondary syphilis and tenusmuss
  • Leaves : Stimulant, diuretic, used in scorbutic diseases
  • Seed : Seed mucilage in dysentery and diarrhoea and as galactagogue. Seed boiled in milk are abortifacient, rubefacient, tonic, galactagogue, emmenagogue, laxative, and diuretic. As poultice in sprains Chandrashoor alleviates pain and inflammation of joints by local application.
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Asalio - Lepidium Sativum

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