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Bajra, pearl millet Seeds

Pearl Millet is a cereal crop with small seeds widely grown around the world for Human food and animal fodder. Pearl Millet also known as Bajra in India is the main variety of millet used more popular as food crop in India. Millet is traditional food in Russia, German, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Uganda, India and Myanmar. Millet is one of the most nutritious and easily digested of all grains: and it is high in starch, making it a good high energy food.

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Bajra, pearl millet Seeds

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Species: Pennisetum glaucum

Different names: Kambu, Sajjalu, Sajje, Kambam, Bajri, Bajra

Appearance: Small, round, light brown.

Typically used: Whole, cooked

Origin: Originally India is the largest producer.

Flavor: Mild corn-like or nutty flavor with light texture and bitter aftertaste.

Aroma: Nutty.
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Culinary uses:

  • Cooked whole as a porridge (kitchari)
  • Grind into a flour and use in roti
  • Cook in milk or non-dairy alternative; add honey, nuts and Indian Dessert Ghee or Digestive Ghee
  • Serve millet in place of rice; it’s great as side dish to fish, poultry, beef, lamb or wild game.
  • Cook with legumes for a complete-protein, delicious vegetarian meal
  • Add millet flour to breads, pancakes, muffins, cookies and more

Gujarat making Roti (made from pearl millet) has been the primary food of farmers in Gujarat. It is also used to make other Gujarati Dishes like Dhebra or Thepla, Vada, etc ,.

India is a top producers of pearl millet (Bajra) exported to Yemen , Austria, Tunisia , United Kingdom  United Arab Emirates , Israel , Saudi Arabia , Italy ,  Russia , Philippines , South Africa ,  Norway , Senegal , Malaysia , Ukraine etc many more.

We export superior quality millet (Bajra) from India to all around the world. The finest quality millet is free from any foul smell and highly suitable for poultry feeding as well. We export millet with premium packing that saves its nutritional values for longer period of time.

Bajra (Millet) Specification


14% max


8% max


2% max


2% max


300 k/cal.


20 ppb max.


3% max

Quality : Free from live insects
Packing : 40 kg pp bags. (24mt in one 20’fcl) and Bulk


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