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Mustard seeds are the small, rounded and yellow colored spice cultivated in many regions of the world. Mustard seeds are found in three varieties such as black, brown and white mustard. Mustard oil is a special part of the mustard which is also known as the Sarson ka tel and used for multiple purposes like body massage, hair growth, cooking and lots of ritual purposes in India. Countries producing high amount of mustard seeds are India, Canada, Great Britain, Hungary, United States, Pakistan and etc.


Mustard seeds are used to produce dark yellowish mustard oil which contains fatty acids and proteins. Mustard oil is produced by three different processes such as grinding, extraction and infusion processes. Mustard is used in many ways in the Indian recipes according to the needs and requirements. It is the rich source of both omegalpha-3 and omegalpha-6 fatty acids including vitamin E, antioxidants, minerals and etc which helps in the properly nourishing the body. All forms of the mustard have lots of nutritional health benefits which are mentioned in this article.

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Mustard Seeds

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